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Why we like this deal?

Total land is 1,841 acres, zoned for Agriculture, consisting of two parcels: 1,116 and 725 acres (part of the latter a former pineapple plantation with existing roads), in the town of Kula, county of Maui, on the lower slopes of Haleakala. Much of this property is flat or gentle sloping, ranging in elevation from 1,000-1,850 ft, a topographic band perfect for farming. There is an 86 lot subdivision already planned, one of which includes 300 acres, with two private wells ($3m construction cost), with 1 million gallons/day capacity.

The borrower is a resident of 25 plus years and wants to see the land developed in an environmentally responsible manner.

This opportunity presents an investor with a commercial note at 15.5% for 2 years, secured by a recorded mortgage lien or deed of trust on this property.

Additional Information

Since the collateral is land, a private lender is required to refinance the existing loan including an additional sum to complete a fully entitled approved map.

Executive Summary

Opportunity Type: Land
Property Value: $41,860,000
Requested Amount: $20,500,000
LTV: 49%
Loan Term: 2 years
Amortization: interest only
Recourse: no
Cross Collateral: no
Max Rate: 15.5%

Additional Information

Source of Income: Investments
Documentation: Available
Guarantees: no
Payment History: Interest only